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brick by chance
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brick by chance

Brick by Chance, as the name suggests, is our series of beautiful, limit-edition bricks which were created by us in our process of R&D. In our procedure of finding something new for our customers, there are many patterns which are developed by chance. These unique bricks, produced have no match like other in the market. If you are looking for something custom-built and personalized, Brick by Chance will be your go-to-range.

Size of the current lot to be taken from our sales team before consideration into design.

*Specifications are indicative, buyers are requested to undertake tests in accredited laboratories to verify suitability of bricks for particular application.

**Individual bricks may vary dimensionally this is natural characteristics of fired clay products and is catered for in relevant Indian Standard.

***Dimensions are subject to change without prior notice, before ordering/designing buyers are encouraged to inquire about prevailing sizes and quantities available.

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