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linear red olde
Eco Friendly
Energy Efficient
Design Flexibility
Fire Resistant
Pest Resistant
linear red olde

  • Distinctive Appeal
  • Random Texture
  • Weathered Look
  • Character in Abundance
  • Exquisite Variance
  • Contemporary Blend
  • Leaner & Longer
CTL61, Linear Red Olde is a genuine handcrafted linear brick, giving hues of red Multi. Featuring the sand textures on the faces, these textured red olde bricks are renowned for their durability and aesthetic characteristics. With their peculiar dimensions - the length of more than ordinary bricks but only 50 mm high, Linea bricks create a rustic, vintage, contemporary and sophisticated look. CTL61 Linear brick products provide a more intricate appearance with the traditionally heavy material yet maintaining the texture and color contrast anticipated from a masonry façade. Sand finished linear brick is chosen for high quality renovation, restoration and conservation projects where original brick work is required. Shade variance of the faces also makes it popular for the traditional new constructs.

Size: L 327 X W 25 X H 50 mm 

Weight: 1 Kg
Water absorption: < 16%

Coverage per sq. ft. (10mm joint):

1 sq. ft. - 4.6 pcs.
1 m2 - 49.5 pcs.

Corner Consumption
Per Running
Sq. Ft. - 5.00 pcs

*Specifications are indicative, buyers are requested to undertake tests in accredited laboratories to verify suitability of bricks for particular application.

**Individual bricks may vary dimensionally this is natural characteristics of fired clay products and is catered for in relevant Indian Standard.

***Dimensions are subject to change without prior notice, before ordering/designing buyers are encouraged to inquire about prevailing sizes and quantities available.

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