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royal dutch
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royal dutch

In the heart of Europe, during the Dutch Golden Age, special-sized bricks, like the T2 Royal Dutch, gained immense popularity for their simplicity and utility. Architects and builders recognized the practicality of these bricks and used them extensively to construct a wide array of structures, ranging from grand palaces to fortified strongholds. Their unique size not only made them a practical choice but also left a lasting legacy that endures to this day. 

The T2 Royal Dutch Terracotta Bricks offer us a glimpse into this historical period. Each brick carries the essence of that era with its modest size and warm terracotta hue. The design and construction of these bricks remain faithful to the traditions of old, ensuring that the simple charm of bygone days can become an integral part of your contemporary project. 

Choosing T2 Royal Dutch Terracotta Bricks allows you to connect with history and embrace the enduring appeal of terracotta and red exposed bricks. It brings a touch of tradition to your project, infusing it with the timeless aesthetics of a bygone era. These bricks are not just building materials; they are a bridge that connects the past with the present, allowing you to create something truly special.

Size: L 225 X W 105 X H 42 mm 

Weight: 2.6 Kg
Strength: Above 75 Kg / Cm2
Water absorption: < 14%

Coverage per sq. ft. (10mm joint):

9" Wall - 15.5 pcs.
4" Wall - 7.5 pcs.
1m3 - 711.6 pcs.
1 m2 - 82 pcs.

*Specifications are indicative, buyers are requested to undertake tests in accredited laboratories to verify suitability of bricks for particular application.

**Individual bricks may vary dimensionally this is natural characteristics of fired clay products and is catered for in relevant Indian Standard.

***Dimensions are subject to change without prior notice, before ordering/designing buyers are encouraged to inquire about prevailing sizes and quantities available.

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