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royal dutch
Eco Friendly
Energy Efficient
Design Flexibility
Fire Resistant
Pest Resistant
royal dutch

  • Unique Glance
  • Peculiar Size
  • Sand Finish
  • Timeless Look
  • Authentic Brick Finish
  • T2, Royal Dutch is known to catch the viewer’s attention for its special shape. This Dutch sized brick intends to give a unique assemblage to the aesthetic of the wall.

    T2 belongs to our classic handcrafted Red Brick Collection. Every handmade brick is born when a clot of clay strikes into a moulded box flushed with fine sand. Every particle of sand gives our bricks a unique, random yet beautiful texture on the surface. The different particle sizes of sand give birth to beautiful and carefully crafted creases and textures. These high-quality bricks are then thoroughly fired, making them strong and durable for years to come. Firing process creates soft oranges to bold red shades making a wall stand out. 

    Royal Dutch is an ideal elevation brick, which is renowned for its strength, durability, and aesthetic characteristics. It gives you great flexibility to use the brick in a space as small, or as big.

    Size: L 225 X W 105 X H 42 mm 

    Weight: 2.6 Kg
    Strength: Above 75 Kg / Cm2
    Water absorption: < 14%

    Coverage per sq. ft. (10mm joint):

    9" Wall - 15.5 pcs.
    4" Wall - 7.5 pcs.
    1m3 - 711.6 pcs.
    1 m2 - 82 pcs.

    *Specifications are indicative, buyers are requested to undertake tests in accredited laboratories to verify suitability of bricks for particular application.

    **Individual bricks may vary dimensionally this is natural characteristics of fired clay products and is catered for in relevant Indian Standard.

    ***Dimensions are subject to change without prior notice, before ordering/designing buyers are encouraged to inquire about prevailing sizes and quantities available.

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