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ochre clamp
Eco Friendly
Energy Efficient
Design Flexibility
Fire Resistant
Pest Resistant
ochre clamp
  • Exclusive Gaze
  • Smooth Finish
  • Russet Look
  • Character in abundance
  • Astounding Variance
  • Striking Hues
Belonging to the range of premium bricks here at JJB, these bricks are the perfect go-to option to achieve a dash of character and a dramatic industrial look. This water struck brick has clean surfaces making it easy to clean. However, with dark shades of Brown, Yellow and Black, this rustic beauty is a standout product with an excellent aesthetic appeal.

For designs that ask for bold looks, this brick can be a match like no other. This brick brings to your designs a classic color pallet along with a crude look to shuffle the look with a spectrum of perfections. In our range, you can find a range of these bricks under the titles of Ochre. The product has the finest standards, style, texture and color to fulfil the needs of aesthetic appeals.

Size: L 215 X W 102 X H 65 mm 

Weight: 2.6 Kg
Strength: Above 75 Kg / Cm2
Water absorption: < 13%

Coverage per sq. ft. (10mm joint):

9" Wall - 11.2 pcs.
4" Wall - 5.5 pcs.
1m3 - 530 pcs.
1 m2 - 60 pcs.

*Specifications are indicative, buyers are requested to undertake tests in accredited laboratories to verify suitability of bricks for particular application.

**Individual bricks may vary dimensionally this is natural characteristics of fired clay products and is catered for in relevant Indian Standard.

***Dimensions are subject to change without prior notice, before ordering/designing buyers are encouraged to inquire about prevailing sizes and quantities available.

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