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About us

Who we are?

In 1986, it began with an intent to produce exceptional structural bricks for the Indian market. The quality and characteristics of bricks were greatly appreciated by architects and engineers. Interestingly, the construction fraternity experienced that JJB bricks were not only good as structural bricks but even better when used as facing bricks, given the appealing aesthetics and high quality. It led to the transformation of a small brickfield to emerge as India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of clay facing products. Today, Jay Jalaram Brick Works presents India’s widest range of clay Facing Bricks with 210+ brick variants of international quality in hundreds of shades, textures and formats.

Innovation meets Automation

We have focused on creating sustainable products that are produced in the most efficient way to have minimum impact on the environment without compromising on superior quality for buildings of the future. Our brick factory has advanced its manufacturing capabilities by equipment upgradation and automation. We take pride in being one of the first in the country to install the European extrusion line, drying chambers and world’s most versatile hand simulated soft mud line. The sophisticated preparation systems with state-of the-art recipe management systems have made Jay Jalaram Brick Works an innovative leader in clay brick manufacturing.

CERATEC Belgium (Technology and Engineering Partner)

Brick Impressions

In the last 3 decades we have helped turn ideas and blueprints into welcoming classics that are appealing yet functional expressions of individuality. Our bricks have won the hearts of architects around the country and the world, time and again from IIM-Ahmedabad to hundreds of other architectural marvels that are bound to last a lifetime. JJB bricks have successfully added timelessness to the facades.

International Presence

Our passion for creating a world-class product was rewarded when our quality was graciously appreciated by the international market. We have a strong presence in Europe, Oceania and GCC. Today we proudly export to almost 46 countries and counting. We continue to work relentlessly and passionately to cater high quality clay products all around the globe and give the market one of the best bricks that they have been desiring.

Our History


Establishment of Brick factory at Godhra, Gujarat. Manufacturing of clay structural bricks begins.


A second kiln goes into operation, doubling the plant’s production capacity.


With high quality clay and manufacturing capabilities, the firm began focusing on facing bricks production. JJB completed its first facing brick project.


JJB invested in basic clay preparation systems and began automation of traditional brick making processes.


JJB introduced “Genuine Handmade Moulded Cladding Bricks” for the first time in the Asian market. This initiative became a boon for architects who desired handmade cladding bricks.

JJB installed India’s first ever european extrusion line from CERATEC, Belgium and HÄNDLE, Germany.


JJB started exporting clay brick products. The quality service commitment has made JJB - India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of facing bricks.


Brick factory brought new handling systems and installed drying chambers for the extrusion line from Ceratec, Belgium.


JJB advanced its manufacturing capabilities by equipment upgradation and automation at the preparation plant. Sophisticated preparation systems with state of the art recipe management system has made Jay Jalaram Brickworks an undisputed and Innovative leader in clay brick manufacturing.


First of its kind, brick experience centers - The Brick Store are introduced in the country. The Brick Store by JJB became a gift for brick lovers to explore International clay facing brick range.


Brick factory installed the most versatile soft mud line in the world with De Boer Machines, Netherlands.


With 35 years of Brick Excellence, Jay Jalaram Brick Works is continuing to turn dream designs into reality with a wide range of quality brick products. The Brick Store expands to 9 locations across the country and counting..

The Brick Store

The Brick Store-TBS is one of the latest initiatives by Jay Jalaram Bricks Works to change the way bricks are seen and sold in India. Spread across the country, The Brick Stores is the place for brick lovers to experience an International range of clay facing bricks offered by JJB. The Brick Store is an experience center with the soul of an art gallery. The store presents a unique opportunity for brick enthusiasts and designers to experience this beautiful creation in innumerable ways that are sure to stimulate their minds.

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It's all there at The Brick Store!

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