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Cladding Bricks are a great way to maintain the beautiful aesthetics of exposed brick walls as a finishing touch to existing walls. Cladding brick/ Brick tiles/thin bricks/exterior tiles are easy options for both interior and exterior walls. With color that won't fade for years and low maintenance, these bricks are a great way to add something special to your walls. Get your cladding tiles from India's leading clay cladding brick manufacturer, Jay Jalaram Brick Works.


ce1 manchester red
ce2 flw red
ce3 brussels brown
ce4 gent brown
ce6 southampton yellow
ce7 scottish multi
ce8 charcoal multi
ce10 valencia pink
ce11 coventry multi
ce12 texas brown multi
ce13 oakwood multi
ce14 warsaw multi
ce15 warrington multi
ce16 cassandra multi
ce17 canyon retro
ce18 charlecote
ce19 palmino buff


CT1 Intense
ct1 crown red orange
ct2 royal dutch
ct3 brampton brown multi
ct4 graphite multi
ct5 madison multi
ct6 vincent yellow multi
ct7 calgary pink
ct8 iron bridge multi
ct12 warsaw olde
ct13 sapphire pink
ct14 vincent yellow olde
ct16 federation multi
ct19 istanbul blend
ct21 ochre clamp
ct22 ochre red
ct23 broseley dark
ct24 phoenix olde
ct26 wharton olde
ct28 farmhouse red
ct29 federation red
ct30 warehouse blend
ct31 burntwood red
ct32 stafford blue grey
ct33 castle black
ct34 vincent yellow olde
ct36 royal dutch multi
ct39 kent pink
ct40 barnhouse multi
ct41 valencia multi
ct42 sydney grey
ct43 amalfi white
ct44 copenhagen red
ct49 royal vermilion
ct50 dusty rose castle
ct51 oud laneway
ct52 dutch driftwood
ct53 oud rossato
ct54 oakland dark forest
ct57 charleston chestnut
ct59 Ivory Sandstone
CT61 suburbian oakleaf
ct62 bavarian blend


ctl60 linear red
ctl61 linear red olde
ctl62 linear york blend
ctl63 linear warsaw pink
ctl64 linear farmhouse blend
ctl67 linear vincent yellow multi
ctl68 linear brampton brown
ctl69 linear phoenix grey
ctl70 linear graphite
ctl71 linear lhasa white
ctl72 linear manchester red
ctl73 linear ashdown multi
ctl74 weathered vincent linear
ctl75 ivory linear
ctl76 burnt wood linear